About Kamila


Hello, I am Kamila Malik

I am a classically trained violinist who breaks all standards. I've been playing the violin since the age of seven. I have always wanted my music not only to arouse feelings, but also to give people real pleasure. My involvement in the music of entertainment led to the creation of a series of compositions based on classical Latin, Gypsy-oriental, pop and rock music, which gave the sound of the violin a completely new sound. My party sets of concerts include thrilling tango, flamenco and mambo, as well as covers of film music and popular pop songs. The whole guarantees a successful party and good fun. In my performances, I try to emphasize the inseparability of femininity with the strength of character, being an inspiration for the young generation. The songs I make are never the same, in each of them a certain part of me closes.

Live and career


First violin lesson

It is here that Kamila's life passion was born which is playing the violin. Many years of learning with the greatest masters allowed her to become a virtuoso she always wanted to be. Thanks to that, he can share music with people so that they can enjoy it.


Kamila becomes a member of the European Philharmonic of Switzerland

EPOS is an orchestra composed of the most talented musicians of 26 nationalities who play in such renowned orchestras as the Berliner Philharmoniker or La Scala. Therefore, Kamila feels an honor to be able to represent Poland in such a good group of musicians while doing what she loves the most.


Premiere of the original songs - "Dzieci Wydane" and "Irish"

Thanks to Radio "Rzeszów", Kamila had the opportunity to present her songs to the audience during a live concert. It was a very important moment for her, due to the fact that the messages of both works are closely related to her.


Lord of the Dance - Kamila as a violinist of the group

Kamila has already played during the two Lord of the Dance shows in Pilzno and in Warsaw's Torwar. Each performance is an amazing experience for her, thanks to which she can combine the game with the dance.


A solo concert with the Orchestra of the Volunteer Fire Service Nadarzyn

An amazing concert, during which Kamila played the song "Prząśniczka" in a completely new, entertaining arrangement with the OSP Nadarzyn Orchestra.


"Christmas Magic" - solo concert with the Symphony Orchestra of Karol Namysłowski in Zamość

Christmas concert with the Orchestra conducted by Tadeusz Wicherek and the Voices band at the Cathedral in Zamość.